Friday, April 1, 2011

Leather Bear Tails: Celebrate your slave day!

Do it! Take today and make it your celebration of your slave day. Every day they toil in the work that it takes to keep our lives on track and running smoothly, everything from the cooking and cleaning to remembering to send out the mother’s day cards!

This morning during our hike we were deep in the woods, and I started thinking about how much better my life is because my lovely slave is a part of it. she takes care of so many things that I am free to pursue the other things in life that bring me joy without having to think. It is the ultimate freedom. I stopped hiking and turned to face her, I held her in my arms, and while surrounded by the beauty of the forest, the fresh morning air, and the glorious morning sky I gazed onto her face and said “my God you have the biggest snot bubble!” she shrieked (a love shriek) and turned quickly away (overcome by emotion) she returned to me bubble-less, and I once again took her into my arms and gazed onto her snot free face. I intensely looked into her big brown moist eyes and I said “thanks you for making my life a fantasy, thank you for getting up every day to take me to work, and picking me up every morning when you are cold and tired and angry and don’t want to. Thank you for cooking some of the best meals I have ever had in my life and thank you for choosing to be by my side.” Then I kissed her soft moist lips, and hugged her close to me.

So I say~~~~ a call to all Masters, Domes/ Dommes and Tops celebrate your other halves today!

Take that moment, look deeply into their eyes and tell them something about themselves that will surprise them! Tell them how much you notice their sacrifice, their hard work, and the persistence through times when the call of service test their very being.

Remind them why they serve you, not through sex or play, but through the words of love and joy and thanks that we all need to hear.

Most importantly don’t let then deflect or turn the conversation back on you, or make the conversation about you, make then stand and listen and hear you. Make them listen about themselves, and make them finish the conversation hearing those words of appreciation.

Surprise them with your ability to be real and in the moment. Catch them off guard~ and make them wait and take that moment, don’t let it pass, or let them try to ignore it by doing other things while you are talking.

Stop, stand, breathe, wait and talk.

Thank you my lovely slave for all that you do every day.

You fill my life with joy, and humor, and love.

Through your service you show me the true meaning of strength and perseverance and devotion.

I push myself to be a better Master to hold up to the standard that you are.

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