Friday, April 22, 2011

Leather Bear Tails: Feeling Powerful , The Dominates prospective

Every Master/Dominant has a different definition of what it takes to be and feel powerful. What it takes to be perceived as powerful and what it takes to maintain that power. These definitions lead to every dominate having a different set of rules and protocol that serve to fill those needs.

For some dominants there is a strict need to reinforce their own power on a consistent basis. These are Masters and Dominates that tend to have a lot of rules and rigidly enforced public as well as private protocols. The slaves and submissives often come across as maids, footman, butlers, and cooks. The showing of emotion is downplayed if not forbidden and obedience is an exact science. Because the behavior of the slave/submissive is directly related to the masters achievement of power, missteps and mistakes, even honest ones are perceived as deliberate and tolerance is low. For submissives and slaves that enjoy the removal of the self and distance from their own emotions these Masters are a perfect fit.

There are others that need o feel more power in public then private, so what they require in each arena can be very difficult. They may have a tight and strict service protocol in public but have a much more relaxed one in private.

Then there are the other Masters of which I am a proud part of. I like to call myself and others that are like me the “invisible collar club”.

We are the people that are secure in the knowledge that our power is there. We don’t feel a need to have our slaves or submissives on a leash- literately. I love it when my slave is out in the world. Oftentimes when we go out to events together after we settle in, she is off drawing out new people, being a social butterfly, and in general going all of the things that I am too tired to do or generally uncomfortable with.

To the outside eye, it may seem that she as a slave is inattentive to her Master, but on closer examination she is doing exactly what I need her to do, with flourish and grace.

At home it is the same thing, I know that when she is done with her duties, she is off doing her own thing, and the entire better for it. Again, this to the outside eye is perceived as she is inattentive and again it is right where I need and love her to be.

It is easy to look at a dynamic and judge for yourself what you think is happening, but always remember the expression of protocol is a varied and unique as those that expect it and those that enact it.

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