Friday, July 15, 2011

Leather Bear tails: Live laugh love

At a recent event we were talking with another Master/slave couple when the female Master turned to her male slave and said “what is the first rule?” The slave stood up straight and he dutifully answered “protect the property”. At that same time my slave piped up just as dutifully and said “get your finger out of there.”

After a short stunned silence, laughter ensued.

Although I have put a halt to her Igor impression in public, she still occasionally humpbacks at home. Occasionally she puts her underwear on my head and pretend s to be the underwear bandit. My big drawers actually fit her big head rather well as she looks through the leg holes.

I enjoy chasing her through the house slapping her butt. I enjoy teasing her about who she is sleeping with, (which is me) that hussy. I joke about her horrible taste in movies that I inevitably get sucked in to.

So what is the purpose of all of this?

The purpose is to remember that relationships, no matter what the titles, should have a healthy dose of laughter. Let’s not forget in all our seriousness that the quality of our intimate relationships have so much to do with how we see and experience the world and ourselves. That laughter and joy should not take back seat to our relationship titles, otherwise happiness soon follows.

I count on my slave’s sense of humor, not only does it disarm those bent on stoicism it also puts people at ease, myself included.

So I declare today laugh a lot day.

Give yourself and your partner the freedom to sit together in the bathtub and fart bubbles at each other.

Sit at a romantically lit table and giggle about something that the other person has done~ remember when you…?

Groan together when you stand up, lay on each other in front of the TV, and blow zerberts in each other’s bellies.

Or my favorite, give each other an alternative personality, my slave is occasionally LaQuisha and I am Lurleen, the two redneck lesbians who lost a whole mess of dogs when the porch fell.

Laugh with someone you love today.

Then cop a feel.

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