Friday, July 29, 2011

Leather Bear Tails: The “Real” Master Quiz

1) What do you do if your slave is smarter then you?

a) Pretend to know what they are talking about but disagree on principal.

b) Impose a ball gag

c) Have sex with your slave

2) How do you state your Masterliness on a daily basis?

a) Stand naked and shout “I am Masterly” in front of an open window.

b) Change your name to MasterlyMaster

c) Have sex with your slave

3) If you get short changed at the grocery store and don’t realize it until you get home, which of the following do you do?

a) Wonder what you were doing in the grocery store in the first place.

b) Make a new rule that you should never have to go to a store again.

c) Have sex with your slave

4) How do you know when you have achieved the pinnacle of Masterliness?

a) You own 4 toys

b) Your profile says so

c) Have sex with your slave

5) Which of the following do you do when others cannot see how great of a Master you are?

a) Scoff at their ignorance

b) Fart in their general direction

c) Have sex with your slave

6) How can you tell a wanna be slave from a true slave?

a) A true slave will fall at your feet at first seeing you

b) A wanna be slave will not blow you as soon as they meet you

c) Have sex with your slave

7) How do you know that you have earned a Masters cap?

a) Your head is hot under all that leather

b) You have someone put a hat on your head that doesn’t have a logo on it

c) You have sex with your slave

KEY-- this quiz is not to be taken anywhere near seriously, please disregard all questions and answers as humor, or an attempt at it anyway. If you want to know whether or not you are a real Master the answer is no. There are no real Masters, only Masters with real hearts.

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