Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wedding Season is Upon Us...

In this day and age it seems people have all sorts of Opinions about weddings.

Weddings are so exciting. Invite people you never see who invited you to their son's wedding. Gay folks should be able to marry. Destination weddings cost too much. Bachelorette parties cost too much. There are lots of rules. Can I wear black? How does one ethically buy a diamond? Is it still cool to register? Will people know we're getting married for the booty? How naughty a gift can I buy them?

I jest. But seriously... I am attending a high school friend's wedding this weekend, and I am so excited. When I break it down, it's simply a huge, happy party celebrating two people finding each other and falling in love. I truly believe that is still the bottom line. Or at least it should be.

Yes, it sucks to spend lots of money on travel or gifts, but can't we all just take a minute and be happy for the lucky couple? At Self Serve every day, we hear about people looking for love. So many fascinating, brilliant, cute, sexy people walking around hoping perhaps they could find a new crush, fall in love again or for the first time, or recover from a first (trial?) marriage. So when two people (or more...) create a home together, make each other smile or even help each other orgasm - I think we should celebrate it.

I see more and more women and men rejecting the bridal industrial complex, and creating unique, personalized celebrations that represent their relationship or values. All the Opinions and Politics aside- let's define our own rules.

Yes, LGBT folks should be allowed to marry if we want. Heck, I love the couples that are now "power-wedders." They travel around the country getting same-sex marriages in every bloomin' state that begins to de-criminalize it. If you roll your eyes at virgin white dresses- wear black! If you roll your eyes at dresses- wear the pants. If you don't want to support blood diamonds, then skip the damn stone! If you feel entitled to get an entire coordinated kitchen and bath from Macy's or Target from your friends, just register already. (But I personally recommend registering for items at local, independent businesses.)

And seriously, it shouldn't be so scandalous to give sex toys or romantic gifts to a couple that's engaged to be married for the rest of their lives. If you are scared to "go there" I challenge you to just go for it. If a couple of people are gonna be together for the Rest of Their Lives, shouldn't they start stocking up on ways to keep the flame going? I mean if we can't grant pleasure to even married couples, what is this world coming to?

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Shannendoah said...

I have to say that many married people I know don't want to be married anymore, yet they stay married because they don't want to "have to go back out there". Where that is, I don't know, which means I'm probably there. I agree that if any consenting adults want to get married then they should be able to and do it with flair. Honestly, there are so many people already on their fourth or fifth marriage, that I'm sure a nation of LGBT couples getting married couldn't muck it up anymore than straight people already have. Seriously, who does more to attack the family values of America, the people who really want to be married or the people who just treat it as a temporary retreat that they can cast off at the smallest inconveniences and differences. I put my money on the gays.