Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't be afraid to travel with sex toys!

You are not alone in traveling with toys! Many people travel with sex toys and take precious vibrators on vacation. Many people always travel with LOTS of toys, too. People that work at sex shops, kinky folks, sales people, toy manufacturers, swingers, and many other normal folks take toys with them all over the world. It's a universal desire to use toys and an almost universal fear of embarrassment. Take pride and know that the airport TSA agent is way more embarrassed than you are! Here are a few tips so you can breathe deeper and blush less:

  1. The airport TSA agent operating security is trained on travel with adult toys and should be sensitive to peoples' privacy.
  2. Until the regulations change again, keep lubricants and massage oils (and any liquids) under 3 ounces in a carry on. Pack them all in a quart size bag before you get to the airport. Some airports provide baggies if you do forget.
  3. Take all batteries out of your toys. Not only will this prevent accidental public vibration, but it saves power and keeps your toy strong, too.
  4. Put all intimate accessories in plastic baggies. This way if your bags are manually searched no one will touch your toys.
  5. Have a great trip, wherever you're going. I guess we don't have to ask if it's 'business or pleasure!'

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Self Serve said...

Updated Advice!

Carry on lube and liquids under 3.4 oz in a quart sized bag. Lubricant is considered a medical accessory, so you can declare larger amounts, too!