Monday, June 21, 2010

All Aboard the Penetration Station!

I own a sex shop. I love having lots of toys and accessories around the bedroom for a good time. But it's rare that a new sex product is brilliant enough to become an item I use almost every time I do it.

The Penetration Station really just makes me want to yell, "Choo, Choo!" - it's one of my new favorite new sexcessories. The Penetration Station is a set of tethers and neoprene 'handles' that makes more sex positions easier and supports your body during sex. So often we want to have marathon-runner sex when in fact, we are surely not even walking the 5k. It's during the best sex that we tell ourselves we wish we could go for hours, hold that leg up longer, support your partner's body weight more easily, or be flexible enough to get that angle just right. Finally, Sportsheets invented the Penetration Station, which makes all that great sex easier to achieve.

This set up helps support you and your partner, making it a breeze to reach and maintain new and fun sex positions. This lovely set also can be a life saver for those with disabilities.

Click for a demo of how it's assembled. The system is secured around your mattress for support, and four tethers pop out the bottom and top of your mattress as foot and hand loops. I can keep my legs up with less effort, I can lean my feet against the top tethers for support, and pull myself up for deeper angles when everyone's 'hands are full.' One feature I love, too, is that I can tuck all the pieces under the mattress out of view for privacy.

It's rare that products are developed in the sex toy industry that actually solve common challenges in an innovative, smart and affordable way. Sportsheets has done it with the Penetration Station. You may not know its glory by looking at the package, but I'm getting on that train, and I encourage you to hop on, too.


I was excited to have this review posted on Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross' site They are funny, smart and fabulous. Check out their movies & blog!

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