Friday, April 20, 2012

Transgender 101

Author and counselor Nicholas M. Teich just published an insightful and accessible Transgender 101 post on Huffington Post.  This 15 point intro touches upon some of the most important points in beginning to learn about transgender issues and approach trans people with respect and empathy.  He wrote a basic book that introduces Transgender 101, as well.  If you're trans or an ally looking for clear, straightforward language in which to explain complex transgender questions, here is a way to find the words. 

We are lucky in Albuquerque that our local Transgender Resource Center of NM just opened its office around the corner from Self Serve.  The TGRCNM website has already been a crucial resource for transgender people of NM, and now their office space offers additional resources like HIV testing, a library, job seeking resources, clothing exchange and more.  Check out the TGRCNM website for resources like support groups, therapists, trans-friendly health providers and more.

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