Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The amazing Form 2 from Jimmy Jane

The Form 2 is the newest, powerful, rechargeable vibrator from Jimmy Jane. This lovely, quiet vibrator is strong, waterproof and has lots of functions! It's become a best seller at Self Serve. If you want a strong, eco-friendly and quiet vibrator- this is a great pick. I especially like how it spins around with the various pulsation functions. Check it out for yourself in this video.

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Kaal said...

all right. i admit, my incredible experiences of sexual liberation and personal empowerment over the past week, and my inspiration to join this blog (because i'm so inspired with gratitude,) are because of this amazing device: the jimmy jane form II. just thinking about it makes me want to go play. what an incredible power, to have as many lightening bolt bliss explosion orgasms as i want? this miraculous, smart little sweetling has been keeping me up way too late... but, i'm very, very grateful.