Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is Sex Positive?

Lots of times at Self Serve we describe our approach as sex positive.  So what does that mean?

Here is a stream-of-consciousness list of what defines it for us.  Add your own thoughts in the comments!

Sex Positive Means:
  • sex is healthy and pleasure is good for you
  • getting away from fear, and building towards empowerment in your sex life
  • talking about subjects that are typically taboo
  • teaching comprehensive safer sex without fear that education causes infection (quite the contrary)
  • having an open mind to a variety of desires and sexual activities
  • if everybody's consenting and happy, what someone's doing isn't morally wrong
  • all our bodies are normal and different
  • there are (almost) no wrong answers in sexual exploration, just trial and error 
  • like anything you care about or want to be good at,  study it! Read, experiment and talk about sex
  • there is no shame in having desires or seeking pleasure 
  • loving someone of the same gender is ok
  • changing your mind about your sexual identity throughout your life is ok
  • sexual identity and desire can be fluid
  • gender identity can be fluid
  • masturbation is safe, healthy sex
  • sex toys are fun, labor-saving devices that can enhance any sexual activity
  • you are beautiful

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