Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Self Serve is 5 Years Old Today!

We celebrate our 5th anniversary this month, and we are grateful.

5 years ago today we opened the doors at Self Serve, became a part of Albuquerque's cultural landscape, and became a part of your lives.  We were two women who just moved from Boston, not knowing much about Burque, and we took a chance on a friendly, new city for our little sexuality resource center.

Thanks for making us a part of your story.  While we may have had visits from Zoning or media all too interested in porn, we also have been growing a space where you come and ask us questions and share your stories with us.  You trust us and take steps to improve your relationships.  You have shared your falling in love and breaking up tales.  We have helped you buy your first vibrator.  We have helped you come out... as queer, bi, poly or trans.  You have asked for help.  We have helped you have better sex. Or we've helped you try again after the divorce or being widowed.  We knew you before the baby or before you got married.  We helped you gain back confidence after the positive STI test.  We helped you love your body more - as is.  We told you it's ok.

Thank you.  Thanks for letting us in, and taking those tough steps, for trusting us and yourself.  Sexuality, our desires, our identities can be confusing, challenging and surprising at times.  They are integral parts of our lives, and we're glad we can help you navigate.  We hope to keep spreading the love for years to come.

We feel so honored to be a part of this community - both in the Duke city and online.  Thanks for an amazing first 5 years.

Molly and Matie

p.s. we'll be celebrating with events throughout the month!

Thursday, January 12  7:30 pm
Sex Toy Story Night: A night of over-sharing, laughter and camaraderie
Share your stories of self love, bloopers, embarrassments and triumphs. Prizes for Best & Worst Sex Toy Stories!  $5

Saturday, January 21 

Celebrate 5 years of Self Serve at our Open House Birthday Celebration!
Giveaways & Specials all day! Games & Fun 5-9 pm!

Monday, January 30
The Self Serve community is spreading the love around ABQ
–Details to follow!


Amy L. Brandzel said...

Matie and Molly ---

We owe you both such a debt of gratitude! I could not be more proud to live in your city and to be a part of your community. You've taught us all so very much about sexuality, in its multiple and wondrous forms. Thank you!!!!
Amy Brandzel

Helen said...

Love to you both! You are AMAZING!

Amy and Kevin said...

We just found you guys in late 2011, but we are so happy to know that ABQ has Self-Serve. Hope you're here for a long time to come.... lots of folks need your services and products, even if they don't know it yet!