Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Censorship Week: Glee kinda talks about censorship

I'm not the only one that appreciates how Glee has brought a whole lot of good to TV (when we're not discussing over-sexualized pictures of teen characters). As a former drama and choir dork, it gives me great pride that this show is popular. They do a great job of telling their story within the story.

Last night the club was rehearsing for Rocky Horror, one of my favorites. And in the episode Sue and the principal clearly ask if doing this show is appropriate for high school students. In brief moments important issues are raised: guys being embarrassed about their bodies, what kind of sexual innuendo and subjects are appropriate in high school, can a girl re-work a transvestite-boy role, and how Uncle Jesse loves to be in musicals. Okay, just kidding about that last part.

I have to love a musical for outcasts. But I appreciate Glee's treatment of self-moderation. Will and the students discuss the value of the musical for themselves, while acknowledging the challenge of sharing that widely in the community of high school kids and parents.

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