Friday, October 22, 2010

Self Serve at Ignite NM 9!

We are so excited to speak at Ignite 9 next week!

Details: Ignite New Mexico 9 at the CNM Smith Brasher Hall, Wednesday, October 27 at 7 p.m.

We at Self Serve are blogging beginners, but we envy and respect the hot, tech-savvy bloggers that have their quick-typing fingers on the pulse of pretty much everything going on everywhere, immediately and at all times.

Only at a blogger's event might the fast-paced speeches be posted online immediately. So fast, and so hot. The concept for Ignite, if you're not familiar, is pretty darn cool:

Ignite is a dozen speakers, each given 5 minutes to present a topic they’re interested in while 20 slides automatically rotate every 15 seconds. Yes Ignite is fast paced. This quick transfer of information is enough to let you, the audience, decide “do I want to hear more?” If you do, follow up with the speaker, or look more into the topic online. If not, well it was only 5 minutes. Ignite can help you explore new topics, make new connections, and be fun at the same time.

Well, Self Serve won top pick, and Matie is speaking first at next week's event! We are so proud. Plus it's silly-good timing since Pornotopia is being postponed for lack of a legal home right now. The title of her five-minute, life-changing speech is "How Your Local Indie Porn Fest is Trying to Save the World."

Don't forget to RSVP, either. It's so they can feed us.

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