Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Albuquerque's Mayor is listening. Speak up!

We have sadly canceled our show Pornotopia CENSORED: Cirque de Sex due to recent intimidation and unclear, selectively-enforced zoning regulations in Albuquerque. 

Last Friday, Matie and I, co-owners of Self Serve and Pornotopia organizers, met with the Tito Madrid, of the Albuquerque Mayor's office, and Matthew Conrad, head of Albuquerque zoning enforcement.

The good news is that the lines of communication are open with the City.  The bad news is that we came out of the meeting with the same confusion we walked in with.  Mr. Madrid promised he would meet with Mayor Berry, the head of Planning and the head of Zoning and get back to us within a couple weeks.  We are hoping the Mayor's office helps clarify what in fact qualifies as adult amusement in Albuquerque, and artists and performers will still have the freedom to perform in the theaters and venues they choose.

Make sure the Mayor's office in Albuquerque hears your concerns.  If you want the right to seeing some pasties, porn, or even an erotic poetry reading, dance, art gallery displays or film once in awhile,* let our city officials know.

Do you want your art & culture judged appropriate only by the discretion of our zoning officials, or do you want your free speech to really be free and protected?

*They all could be cited as illegal based on Albuquerque zoning code, if performances take place outside limited adult-amusement zones.  


jeet mehra said...

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Michael Bernstein said...

Have you heard anything new since this meeting last year?