Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thank you, Dan for hearing our pain

We are grateful to you, Dan, for empathizing.  Thank you for telling your readers about the scary anti-sexiness happening in our city.  As Seattle enjoys a weekend of amateur porn on the big screen, Albuquerque is rid of sexy performances.  Freedom of speech in the U. S. of A. anyone?

As Dan suggests, tell Albuquerque's Mayor Berry if you want the right to seeing some pasties, porn, or even an erotic poetry reading, dance, gallery opening or film once in awhile.*

Do you want your art & culture judged appropriate only by the discretion of our zoning officials, or do you want your free speech to really be free and protected?

*They all could be cited as illegal based on Albuquerque zoning code, if performances take place outside limited adult-amusement zones. 

1 comment:

Rogi said...

YAY! We're on the map as the biggest thumb sucker city in the USA! I'm so PROUD!