Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Unique Gift Ideas for Everyone

You may be surprised that Self Serve has gifts for everyone on your list- not just your lover or yourself.

Here are some top staff picks and gifts for everyone on your list!

For Friends & Family that need to relax

The new Vibrating Tingler is a scalp massager and vibrator all in one!  If you like the original Tingler, you'll love the vibration on your scalp, too.  With 4 different attachments, you can enjoy it all over the body.  Only $29.95

For New Parents or Your Pregnant Friend

Help your friends plan ahead for parenthood!  The book Safe Baby Handling Tips is a hilarious how-to that instructs what not to do with a new arrival.  It's a best seller and only $9.95!


For the Modern Design Fan

Anyone who appreciates excellent design, function and technology will swoon for the JimmyJane Form 2 vibrator.  This high tech, rechargeable vibe is strong and eco-friendly.  Its  two motors offer surround sound sensation with multiple settings.  It's a wonderful toy for a couple to use together, and it's an extra quiet vibrator.  The Form 2 is a thoughtful gift for a partner or a friend.  The Form 2 is $134.95.

For any of your "Couple" Friends

Couples often get into a routine of domesticity and forget what they don't already know about each other.  A thoughtful gift is the Table Topics Couples Cube for $27.95.  Over 100 conversation starters can challenge, humor and inspire any couple.  We also have the original edition at our shop.  These general questions are great for holiday party games or potluck night activities.

The Co-Worker

When you want to gift someone relaxation, but can't afford to send them to the spa, try this.  Our all-natural muscle rub is a soothing salve for shoulders and sore muscles.  Handmade in New Mexico, it's a great choice for out of town family, too.  Only $14 for a 2 ounce jar.

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