Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sex & Aging Resources

I had a great time yesterday presenting the workshop Sexy at Any Age for the Annual Albuquerque Conference on Aging.  A diverse, nervous-but-enthusiastic group of about 50 folks joined me to explore strategies for enjoying a hot sex life and happy relationships after 50.

If we're lucky, we'll all have to deal with natural, inevitable changes with our bodies and health as we age... and yes, this affects our sexuality and relationships.  I compiled a resource list with great books, videos and websites  that highlight healthy sex for seniors.  With a sex positive attitude, it is possible to find a healthy, happy sex life no matter what life throws you. 

Resources on Sexuality & Aging

Books - Available at Self Serve
  • Bill & Desiree: Love is Timeless erotic documentary about a real couple
  • Becoming Orgasmic the DVD
  • Other Instructional DVDs on orgasm, technique and sexuality available at Self Serve for rent

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