Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where is Your Line? About Consent.

It seems consent keeps coming up lately, and it's so exciting!

Why?  We live in a misogynistic rape culture where sexual harassment and sexual violence are way too common.  In said culture there are lots of us that of course still unapologetically want sex.  Consensual, beautiful, raw, tender, real, hot, naughty, vanilla and all-other-kinds of sex.  And consent needs to be a big ol' welcomed part of the deal.  Duh, right?

The consent discussion can open a can of worms about admitting what we want in a healthy, sex positive way.

This documentary and movement Where is Your Line? is bringing light, intrigue and intelligence to the discussion.  Get this film to your city, watch all the videos and bookmark the blog.  It's all awesome.

We're hosting a discussion on sex positive consent at Self Serve August 10 with educator Gabrielle from the Rape Crisis Center of NM.  Join us!

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