Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sexual Mission Statement

Knowing what you want is the first step to getting what you want, says the first chapter of Jaclyn Friedman’s book, What You Really Really Want. Finally we have a smart girl’s guide to dismantling shame and reversing sex-negativity in our contemporary culture. Feeling good about our bodies, owning our desires, and asking for what we want is a life long project for most women and men. As an avid journaler, I am really excited about this book. Friedman offers personal anecdote, writing prompts for reflection, and a Cosmo style quiz in the introduction to see if this book is for you. I particularly like the writing prompt to write your own Sexual Mission Statement:

Make a sexual mission statement. This should be a paragraph expressing what you believe about sexuality. Be sure to answer the following questions: what do you have the right to, sexually? What are your responsibilities when it comes to sex? What about your partners' rights and responsibilities? What's the most important thing you seek from sexual exploration or expression? What do you never want to seek from sexuality? What does no one have the right to do when it comes to sex? (50)

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science said...

that personal story of sexual liberation is an ANECDOTE, not an ANTIDOTE (though encouraging sexual liberation may indeed be an antidote to some social ills).