Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bedtime Stories


Does the world really need more erotica online?! I have no idea, but you’re here reading mine so apparently there’s something you’re interested in. What is it? Do you want to hear about my exploits in graphic detail so you’ll have something to masturbate to? Do you want to learn some new techniques or get ideas for scenarios to enact in your own life? Are you just interested in a purely clinical way in how people communicate in this new frontier of internet blogs? Maybe you know me…or think you do and are curious about my dirty, secret life. I'll tell you more about that in the future.
I make no claim to be a brilliant writer. There will, no doubt, be instances of poor grammar and incorrect punctuation. Don’t bother writing me to point them out – I won’t care. That’s not the point of my writing here. My stories here are just meant to get you thinking…imagining…learning.
Whatever your reason for visiting, I hope you’ll find something that peaks your interest. Let me know if there’s something you want to read about. Some of the stories here will be based on true events, and some of them will be fiction. Some of the “not true yet” stories will really be plans for a future occasion. Maybe one of those occasions will involve you.
Sheer Bliss

Tell me something…

What do you desire?

Do you want me to make love to you?
Maybe you would like to be led into a room glowing with candlelight and smelling of sandalwood. Feeling me kiss you gently on the mouth while slowly unbuttoning your shirt…unbuckling your belt…dropping your pants. Lain on a bed of silken sheets to be oiled and massaged while I coax you slowly to an erection then draw you onto me…and into me. Looking into your eyes while we move together rhythmically, slowly building to a powerful crescendo of togetherness.

Or do you want to be fucked?
Frantic hands pulling at your clothes, ripping them from your body, scratching you in the process. Hard kissing that bruises your mouth and takes your breath away while I push you onto the bed and straddle you. Your arms pinned while I suck and bite my way down your neck and chest until I find your cock and suck it hard into my mouth, demanding you get firm for me while I rub my wet pussy on your leg. When I can’t stand it anymore, I’ll squeeze your hips between my wet thighs and push you into me hard and fast, slamming against you until I feel you burst inside me, dripping out of me, panting beneath me.

Or do you want to be teased?
I would spend a day taunting you - flashing you in public and sneaking off to the lady’s room to masturbate so that you can kiss my hand afterwards and know exactly what I’ve been doing. Flirt with other men in front of you making sure you know that you are (probably) the one I’ll actually go home with. Once there I will slowly strip for you, maybe tie you to the bed and make you watch me touch myself while you get hard and impatient. Eventually you’ll feel my hands slowly flit across you just glancing touches on your balls and the dripping head of your cock. My tongue mischievously joining my fingers in a dance across your tender places, occasionally wrapping my fingers or lips around you and squeezing…stroking…until your breathing quickens and you are close to climax. Lather, rinse and repeat…and repeat…and repeat. But then I’ll stop…make you wait. Make you convince me that you deserve to cum while you shiver and pant with desperate anticipation. When I slide my hot pussy slowly onto you, I will pull off until only the tip of your cock penetrates me, quivering to get back in. Eventually I may let you cum in me, the long delay making you feel dizzy and breathless, the orgasm rendering you speechless…thoughtless…

Just tell me what you want, and I’ll do it.

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