Saturday, August 14, 2010

Feeling Virtually Connected, Yet Alone

Just pondering the brilliant juxtaposition of how the internet and modern technology can help me feel totally connected to people all over the world, yet at the same time I can be sitting quietly at a computer, totally alone. It's an odd reality.

The world can feel so small, yet far away. Connections are like soul food. I think of the new word I learned, guanxi. There are all kinds of relationships. The internet, facebook and instant media can connect us. But human contact is irreplaceable.

As a sex educator, I feel closer to people doing work like me. When the powers-that-be say no or sex information is hushed, we have a broader, worldwide support network.

It seems the organizing potential of our techie tools are leading to seemingly spontaneous, highly developed flash mobs and protests. How could organizers plan such events so subtly before?

Distant lovers can enjoy flirting and chemistry over a phone, video chat or email connection. More and more folks are finding the love of their life through dating websites.

I guess I like when such tools lead to live connections. Life.

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