Thursday, March 24, 2011


One of the hottest sexual experiences I’ve had involved no sex at all. It involved a trip to Vegas. For a month before the trip, Hub and I decided to abstain from sexual contact. That was our intention anyway, but it resulted in A LOT of sexual contact – just no orgasms. The act of NOT having sex, made it so we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other! There’s just something about knowing you’re not supposed to do something that makes you want to do it, and do it, and do it.

Those weeks were a deliciously torturous dance of sexual tension. I would go out of my way to dress provocatively, bending over in front of him every chance I’d get in order to flash him my cleavage or panty-less rear end. When he would try to touch me, I’d dart away and remind him that we were abstaining. I even let him “catch” me masturbating a few times because nothing makes him hotter than to watch me touch myself. I would let him sufficiently scold me, but smile to myself as I looked at the hard-on in his jeans. Meals during that time often coincidentally consisted of finger foods that would drip down my hand and forearm, sometimes spilling onto my thighs where I would scoop up the errant sauce with my finger and slowly suck it off.

By the time we finally checked into our hotel room in Vegas, we were both chomping at the bit, so to speak, but we didn’t rush things. Instead we spent most of the day shopping for lingerie and lube and finding just the right wine to take back to the room. Every once in a while, Hub would grab me and throw me against a secluded wall in the mall and grind his pelvis into me or put my hand against his erection while we were pressed together in a crowded elevator. I have to say, the thing that makes me the horniest is the knowledge that someone wants me - REALLY wants me. It almost doesn’t matter what skill or technique they possess, the fact that they can’t wait to get my clothes off and have their way with me is enough to make me crazy with lust. That’s why I enjoy prolonging the foreplay leading up to an encounter, as long as I know it’s torturing the object of my desire.

There is someone I’m in the process of torturing a little right now. I find myself day-dreaming about different ways the encounter could happen and wondering if he feels the same. The anticipation and imaginary foreplay is fun and makes me walk around a little aroused all day and I live in a perpetually breathless state wondering what the first kiss could be like…where he would touch me…what he might say.

Oh, just so you know – the Vegas sex was definitely worth the wait. We drank the entire bottle of wine in bed and did it in just about every position we could imagine. At one point we were pressed up against the floor-to-ceiling window of our strip-view room, hoping that someone down there on the street might catch a glimpse of my breasts smashed against the glass and have a good story to take home to their friends. That reminds me of another story I have to tell you involving being pressed up against a hotel room window. Maybe next time I write I’ll fill you in on that encounter.

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