Sunday, May 8, 2011

10 Masturbation Tips

1) SING. A lot of people hold their breath during sex. Doing so makes it harder for blood to get to your nether regions. So, try humming or singing during masturbation. This keeps you breathing and can help you relax. What song are you wacking off to?

2) FLIP. Often people learn to masturbate in one way as a child and continue doing themselves the same way into adulthood. Try switching up your routine to keep things spicy. Flip over, tease yourself, watch new porn, read new erotica, think up a new fantasy, or try a new toy. We can train our bodies to come in new and different ways if we experiment and take our time.

3) WATER. Many people discover the pleasure their genitals can feel while washing. The power, privacy, and temperature of a well place stream of water can be divine. Try masturbating with a hand-held shower head, bathtub faucet, or tub jet. Some vibrators can be used underwater, too.

4) BUZZ. Vibrators are equal opportunity. Everyone can enjoy a vibrator. Place a vibrator on the underside of the tip (frenulum) of the penis. The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings and often enjoys vibration. Try on the inner lips, mons, and anus, too.

5) SELF-ACCEPTANCE. "Sometimes I forget that my body needs to be loved, not criticized." ~Not your mother's Meatloaf: a sex education comic book. Loving and accepting our bodies as they are is the first step in enjoying the pleasure bodies can give us. If we wait to have sex until our bodies are the way we want them to look, we're wasting all the pleasurable sensations we could be having right now. Loving your body is a revolutionary act.

6) LUBE. We’re big on lube here at Self Serve. Lubrication makes a massage that much better, why wouldn’t the same be true for sex? Most men already know the value of lube for stroking the willy. Lube also helps a vulva get things started before she makes her own wetness. Listen to Molly tell you about lube on Self Serve TV.

7) TIME. Often people rush masturbation to orgasm to feel that release. Then they go to sleep. That can be a great stress release. Alternatively, if you take your time and slowly build up to orgasm it can be more relaxing. If you make "relaxing" the goal rather than “finishing” the experience can be a different kind of AHHHHHhhh. It’s good self-care to set aside time to seduce and please yourself.

8) INSPIRE. Porn, erotica, fantasies, phone sex, or taking a class on sex skills can be really fun to get your juices running. There are so many quality sexy materials out there. Self Serve rents porn, stocks the latest in erotica, and even sells sexy coloring books.

9) HELPERS. Assisted masturbation can be really hot. You could ask your special friend to watch you, give you a show, or join you in pleasing yourself. Who couldn’t use an extra set of hands anyways? As slam poet Alix Olson says, "Mutual masturbation makes a lot of sense."

10) WORK-OUT. You don’t need a gym to exercise your kegel/ pubococcygeus/ PC muscles. The stronger your pelvic floor muscles, the stronger your orgasms can be. You also have more control over when you have orgasms and how many. The best part is, it feels great to exercise! You can do them anytime, anywhere, and no one else will know. Ben Wa balls were the original kegel muscle exerciser. then, Smartball Uno came out as fun device to assist in PC strengthening that stay in effortlessly. It's fun to use with a vibrator, too. Also Je Joue (the British company that brought us the genius G-ki) has come out with an affordable and comfortable set called Ami, available in the store or by phone. These sexercise balls have a ben wa ball in them that jiggles when you move. A customer once told me she loves to go jogging with hers!

Happy Masturbation May! Now go do your parts.


Nandi said...

I love the video! So informative with great humor. I was actually laughing out loud at the end. Thanks!

Nandi said...

and where are you on Facebook?? I couldn't find your page. I did "like" your page awhile ago and now I can't find it.