Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brickhouse Chronicles: The Battle Is Never Over....

I want to thank everyone for making last night’s Fatty Invasion at Luigi’s so much fun! The food was wonderful and the company was highly enjoyable! It always makes me so happy to hear people learning to relax, have a good time, and let of the guilt that many of us carry when we eat. Which is why I am so angry about an aspect of last night’s Invasion.

The Brickhouse Betties mission is to enable people to love their bodies unconditionally and provide a sanctuary from the fat and body hatred that has become an epidemic within our society. Having the “no diet discussion” rule is golden at the Betties’ discussion group because it challenges everyone to love themselves in a way that they haven’t before. It helps people drop that feeling that they’re always fighting an uphill battle in having a body that is considered “beautiful” by mainstream society and helps them realize that the body they have right now is beautiful. The no “diet talk” rule also helps prevent people from being triggered back into their eating disorders.

So, it should come as no surprise that my tolerance of diet discussion at a place where people are learning to love their body and what they put in it during a meal is less than zero. I am absolutely LIVID that dieting was being discussed last night over dinner. If the concept of not drowning in guilt while you’re eating is too advanced and scary for you, then please DO NOT COME TO THE INVASION. By talking about what diets’ you’re on now, in the past, or plan or being on in the future, you are taking away from the joy of the experience not only from yourself but from the people around you. WE ARE NOT A WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT GROUP. The Bettie’s Invasion is meant to give people a break from the messages’ that are rammed down their throats on a daily basis about their self worth and nothing breaks down that trust in the sanctuary that our group provides faster than a discussion about dieting and food policing.

This applies to members’ of the Betties ‘ no matter how long you have been with us. The “No Diet Discussion” rule doubly applies to the Betties outings and if I come across discussion about dieting or am made aware of it by a member, the participating members will be asked to leave the meeting area IMMEDIATELY. End of discussion.

The people of this group and me have worked too hard on our journey of self love to turn back now and within the safety of our group these accomplishments are to be celebrated and cherished without question.

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