Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I've waited all week to be alone with you. We enter the hotel room and I walk to the window to look out at the sunset and feel you press yourself against my back, brushing my hair aside so you can kiss my neck. You comment on the double strand of creamy pearls that I am wearing and I think to myself that those aren’t going to stay around my neck for long. I turn to kiss you and feel your hand slide up my thigh and inside of the red lace panties I am wearing, which are already damp with anticipation. Knowing that there are people who might be able to see us, you lift my skirt and press my bottom against the glass of the full length window and I hope that they notice.

We make our way to the bed, shedding clothes as we go. Eventually I am wearing nothing but the long strand of pearls which I’ve unwound from my neck so that it reaches all the way down to my thighs. As I remove them I lay back and begin to caress myself with the smooth beads, letting the strand pool between my legs as they start to become slick with my sex. As you kneel between my legs watching, I position the pearls on either side of my clit, then slowly pull until the length of the strand has run across my tender flesh making me swell and quiver. I wonder what they would feel like moving over my g-spot, so I begin slowly inserting the necklace into me, one bead at a time. The fullness is nice and I squeeze down on the mound of pearls inside me a few times while I stroke myself. I gesture for you to take the end of the strand and pull them out…slowly…slowly…gasping as they ripple inside me then up and over my clit. The sensation makes me tremble and I ask you to lick me while the beads lay across me. The contrast of the hard pearls and your soft, warm tongue sends me over the edge into that nether world of orgasm where I float momentarily alone and blissful before returning to your embrace.

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