Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brickhouse Chronicles: Happy Hug A Fat Chick Day!

“Rebellion is in the circle of a lover`s arms”- Martin Espada

Given how the average person is now under a constant barrage of the message that what they look like now is not okay and that being fat means you are DOOMED, I think it would be simply fabulous if we had a holiday called "National Hug a Fat Chick Day". A day where everyone turned off their televisions and computers to take a break from their usual routine of fat-bashing, self-loathing, and carb-counting and stopped to hug every fat, fluffy, chubby, curvaceous, stocky, plump, rubenesque, and squishy woman (or guy) they encountered. Everyone deserves a vacation and fatties, fluffies, and squishies everyone would look forward to this one treasured day where people embraced them for the jiggly treasure boxes that they truly are. For one day we wouldn’t be the last picked, for one day there would be no thin actors parading around in fat suits…for one day we would all shine.

If the idea of physically hugging your local jiggly poof is a wee bit too advanced, maybe everyone can start by embracing their own inner fat chick. In other words just take one day to chill out and enjoy a decadent triple fudge sundae, engage in a physical activity because it makes your inner fat chick smile and your muscles sing not because you are under the illusion you’re your body is ugly and deserves to be in pain. Then proceed to engage in a couple of sinfully decadent rounds of carefree, uninhibited sex without trying to cover up the parts of your body that joyously ripple, jiggle, and bounce. And yes masturbation definitely counts! If you're feeling brave, you can even *gasp* get on top or sit on a face or two!

Hugging someone makes them tangible, it makes them real....it makes them become a person just like you. Many of us are so busy in our lives that we get into the habit of going into a sort of emotional autopilot when it comes to how we not only how we view ourselves, but other people as well. We forget that we are surrounded by friends, loved ones, and co-workers’ who fit the label of “fat” and it becomes all too easy to dehumanize them and their experiences. I'm sometimes stunned at how intensely some individuals genuinely HATE fat men, women, and children. You see it in blogs, Youtube, Twitter, etc. all the time...the implication that fat people are somehow less than human and therefore deserving of the unrelenting cruelly, scorn and social ostracizing that society places upon them. When you consider the fact that more than half the women in the U.S. wear a size 14 or above, the implication that millions of women are viewed as subhuman is quite staggering.

The ability to conform every fiber of your being to what's "acceptable" is becoming an increasingly valued trait in our society starting from the way one dresses all the way down to something as personal and individual as sexuality and body type. It's okay to be a dyke as long as you're a skinny dyke like on the 'L-Word'. Being black, Latina, Chicana, Indian, and Jewish is okay....as long as you don't look too "ethnic" (dark skin, curly hair, dark eyed.) Being skinny is okay...as long as you have big boobs. Being a gay man is acceptable as long as you don't act like a flaming sissy. The list goes on.

In a world where everyone seems to be drowning in a sea of self hatred, wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone took a plunge into the softly cool waters of body acceptance and fat pride? Next step: The Million Fatty March!

Be a revolutionary and hug a fat chick. You gotta start somewhere

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