Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2011

Here are the Self Serve top picks for this Valentine's Day.  Lots of these are new toys at Self Serve and we're really excited about them!  Check out the Sale of the Week, too for a big bargain gift idea.

An upgrade from the basic, vibrating cock ring, the Big O Vibrating Ring is the newest inexpensive couples' toy.  This vibrating cock ring is a wearable ring the guy can put on hands-free during sex.  That means vibration on or near the clitoris during sex- a perfect combo for most women!  This ring is different because it offers two settings of vibration- steady, low vibration or a 9 pattern pulse.  This second setting is brilliant.  It's random and keeps you guessing, which means the sensations are more exciting and surprising than just a pattern vibrating on repeat.  And for only $19.95 it's an inexpensive toy to try.

featuring two new limited edition scents! 

Afterglow massage oil candles from Jimmyjane are one of our favorite sensual treats for Valentine's Day, or any day.  These gorgeous, aphrodisiac-scented candles fill the air with a rich aroma, then melt into luxurious massage oil.  The ceramic casing has a pour spout on the corner to make dripping the oil on your love easy and smooth.  These candles burn at a low temperature, so they feel warm going on the skin, but certainly won't burn or ever feel waxy.  Set the mood,  enjoy sensual touch, and moisturize with warm massage oil.  Just for Valentine's Day, we have two limited edition scents:  Truffle Gardenia and Sugar Absinthe.  Afterglow candles are $29.95 each.

If you haven't heard of the We-Vibe yet, you're missing out!  It's an amazing innovation in couples' toys.  It's the first couple's vibrator that a woman can wear, hands-free even during sex.  It's a great solo toy for her or a toy to share.  The palm sized, c-shaped vibe inserts vaginally to hug her G-spot, as the other side hugs the clitoris.  The We-Vibe 2 has vibrators in each side, so there's stimulation inside and out.  It has nine amazing speeds and functions, too.  

But wait... it can be used on him, too.  Cup the toy in your palm, lubricate with water-based lube, and curve it around the penis.  It can be an amazing add-on to a hand job or blow job.  The We-Vibe 2 is such a great design for all sorts of uses.  Of course, it's also waterproof and rechargeable.  This little object of desire is $99.95.

These new bullet vibrators from Evolved are a-mazing.  We just introduced the Mini Goddess Bullet and the mini 5 Ring Circus Vibe, and they're both amazing mini vibrators.  They make look adorable, sleek and tiny, but they are strong, too!  These waterproof bullet vibes have 5 different speeds and function of vibration and a one-year warranty.  They are $24.95 each.

This classic, inexpensive sleeve for men is a great toy for a guy or to use together.  The small, soft, phthalate-free rubber sleeve has lined texture inside and a smooth surface outside.  Use it either way with water-based lubricant as a masturbation sleeve, to improve any handjob or use during oral sex for the best BJ ever.  You can use it in various ways by tightening your hand around it, sliding it up over the head of the penis, or folding it over for a tighter sensation.  At only $14.95 you can't afford not to try it.

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