Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Amazing Sexercise Toy: Smartballs Teneo Uno

The most fun exercise regimen?

Working your PC muscles for better orgasms, a stronger core, and a healthy pelvic floor!

The Smartballs Teneo Uno are a Self Serve pick for fun and easy sexercise.  There are also double Smartballs available, too.

Smartballs are also called love balls, vaginal balls or a version of Ben Wa balls. There are heavy little balls inside the silicone shell you see, so that inner ball moves within you while you wear it.  The gentle to intense vibrations of the vaginal balls optimally train the pelvic muscles.  It's the easiest way to exercise without even working too hard. 

A well-trained pelvic floor assists a woman in reaching orgasm, paving the way for more fun during sex.  Doing kegel exercises is an important and fun task for new moms and during pregnancy to regain strength and flexibility in their vaginal muscles.  Strong and flexible PC muscles can lead to an easier birth, and doing kegels post-birth can tighten the muscles naturally.

How to Use Smartballs:

To strengthen pelvic muscles and support postnatal exercises,  insert Smartballs lengthwise into the vagina until only the removal loop is outside the body. Add a light layer of water-based lubricant to make insertion easier.  The vibrations of the inserted balls send a signal to the pelvic muscles that something needs to be held onto, thereby training the muscles.

Smartballs can remain in the body for just a few minutes or a few hours.

For the greatest effect, they should be worn during everyday movements. Use the removal loop to pull them out. Women, who would like to train their pelvic muscles during pregnancy, should only
use Smartballs and other PC exercise toys after consulting with their midwife or doctor.

After giving birth, Smartballs should only be used after all birth related injuries have healed and the lochia has stopped and postnatal exercises have already begun.

In every box of Smartballs, there are extensive user instruction and exercise ideas.

Other ways to enjoy Smartballs:
  • Lay on your back, insert the ball, squeeze your vaginal muscles and pull the cord for resistance. Try this in reps of 10 with breaks in between.
  • Insert your Smartballs, grab a small, strong vibrator, wrap the cord around the vibe, and enjoy the internal vibrations!
  • Put the Smartball cord around a penis or dildo during sex, and enjoy the teasing sensation as the ball bounces between you.
Want more facts and tips about kegels?  Check out this fun video from the Sex is Fun crew:

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