Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Third Kiss

Hi there!

I’m Kiki DeLovely, Self-Serve’s newest guest blogger. I’ve recently started publishing my erotica and I’ll be sharing excerpts of these steamy stories with you here.

This little morsel comes from my story “The Third Kiss” and appears in Best Lesbian Erotica 2011. Coincidentally, you can purchase said book at Self-Serve. ;)

I’ll just preface this to say that the excerpt is from the middle of the story--to find out what happens on either end, you’ll just have to buy the book. ;) Our narrator is typing her dream from the night prior to her crush...who happens to be sitting directly across from her.

We fell to the floor again. With fury and madness, fell onto each other. With burning and intensity, fell into each other. A tangled mess of hands searching, limbs interwoven, my lips unable to leave yours, your tongue wrapped around mine. Not caring if we could even breathe, let alone remember to do so. Grasping, desperately, pressing harder and harder up against each other, knowing that we had to remain above the thin layer of clothing separating mouths from hardness, fingers from wetness. Knowing it, loathing it, and yet, it making that first kiss all the hotter. The ardor gripping us so tightly that we might suffocate. That first kiss lasted an hour easily--maybe longer. You were packing and I felt you grinding against me, your cock stiff on my thigh. You wanting me so badly to do more to acknowledge its presence. Me wanting so badly to straddle you and ride out this orgasm that had been teetering on the edge from the beginning, leaving me dizzy now. If only for a brief moment of release. Knowing that, for me, it would be ever so brief--wanting more, always wanting more. So instead, reaching down, I grasp your hardness, hoping to relieve you, hoping that relief will last longer than a moment.

The moment my hand makes contact, you moan deeply in my mouth, your tongue reaching further, the vibration echoing down my throat, penetrating me as I wish you could. I take your cock in my hand and work it how my pussy would, rubbing you up and down, both of us too excited to take our time. I stroke you firmly, moving faster, as fast as I can with such the protective layer separating my palm from really getting a good grip on you. You’re so lust-crazed that you thrust at an impatient pace--an impending explosion bursting at the seams--your tongue moving with an unimaginable quickness. The way you move that tongue in my mouth, something I had never experienced before, and with such speed that it makes it difficult to concentrate on my task at hand. So I begin to suck on it, which quiets you briefly, only to make you all the more excited again. You regain control, fucking my mouth intently with your tongue, as you imagine what my lips would feel like wrapped around your cock.

And right then the seams give way and you explode with an intensity of bulls charging through a brick wall--coming so hard that I feel it rampage through me and all my weight collapses on you, exhausted and sated in the here and now.

We laid there, marinating in bliss for just a few minutes before realizing we had to get back. So we smoothed our clothes, ran fingers through each others’ hair, and started back. On the way up, you trap me against a wall in the stairwell and all the desire floods back, rushing over us, and you take my chin in your hand, bringing me towards you for another kiss.

I stop you. “Don’t you think you already used up your three kisses?”

You just shake your head and smile. “This is only the second one.”

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